Pancakes with my little buddy <3 #cutestbabyever

#garden bracelet for my Mum :)

#Monet cosmetics bag for my Mum’s birthday :)

Just a regular Friday night.. guess I’ll ride Riley to the store. .#sillygirls #love

Last night I heard a terrifying banging coming from under the house. Fearing a dog sized rat or a vagrant, I was relieved to discover it was just my friend Riddle here, who somehow managed to get stuck in the crawl space. Today we both celebrate. Me, not getting eaten by a giant vagrant rat; and Riddle her #freedom. #foolishbeast

Project of the day! Made a little deer wreath with handmade fabric succulents and burlap and a vintage doily bunting for the mantle :) #crafty #vintage #handmade

Art work by smiley Riley ;) #trex

My favorite purchase of the weekend #vintagecamera #poloroidlandcamera

I have a small addiction to pretty colored vintage doilies. #vintage #crochet

Found some pretty pastel summer dresses at the #brimfieldmarket! Headed to the etsy shop soon :)